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R2 Wine Company White Blends (4)

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R2 Wine Company White Blends 4-Pack
$64.99 $̶1̶1̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 42% off List Price
2 2010 Big Bend Chardonnay
2 2010 Vin Blancs, White Rhone Blend, Santa Barbara

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For the Whiney/Lazy New Yorkers who insist on being spoon-fed information:


I didn't read the whole thing, I am not a New Yorker, but this is what we (read as Wooters) believe is the New York issue. This is not new legislation, but it appears that recent interpretations of this law may currently be affecting Wine.Woots ability to sell wine to New York. We suspect that until they can get a suitable interpretation/determination that would clear them of any potential liability, there will be no shipments of wine to New York.

Once again, this is what we as Wooters believe to be the issue, and nothing official has been said from Woot or WD regarding this matter, other than they are working on it.

Got it? Now get over it.

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I have no knowledge of their whites but Roessler Pinot Noir was the first wine I ever bought on Wine.woot mostly from notes by RichardHod and K1avg. Black Pine and BlueJay are still to this day a favorite around this house. Think I'll give this a try too.