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Skillet Bacon Spread Cured & Uncured (4)

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Skillet Bacon Spread Cured & Uncured 4-Pack
$24.99 $̶3̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ 38% off List Price
Original Flavor, 7oz.
Fennel and Black Pepper, 7oz.
Uncured Original Flavor, 7oz.
Uncured Fennel and Black Pepper, 7oz.

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It's just okay. It does taste more like BBQ rather than bacon.


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Felt strongly enough to make my first post. This stuff tastes really really really bad. I threw mine out.


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I got a "grease pot" from my 90 year old grandma, who got it from her mother... I save bacon grease and couldn't live without it... use it to fry eggs, put a big glob in my pinto beans, fry potatoes in it, make gravy with it... problem solved!