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Geyser Peak Chardonnay (6)

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Geyser Peak Chardonnay (6)

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For those of you who like reviews, from International Wine Cellar:

89 Points | International Wine Cellar , May/June 2013
Bright yellow. Musky pear and pit fruit aromas are complicated by suggestions of honey, smoke and buttered toast. Rich and lively, displaying ripe orchard fruit flavors and a jolt of bitter lemon pith. Spicy, firm chardonnay, with finishing notes of ginger and white pepper.

...and from Wine Enthusiast:
..by Steve Heimoff
This is a complex Chardonnay, with flavors of honey, tangerine, apricot and toffee that are balanced by the crisp, citrusy acidity.
— (4/1/2013) — 88


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So, buttery?


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More than double the cost per bottle of the 2009?


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trifecta wrote:More than double the cost per bottle of the 2009?

That was the regular "Sonoma County" bottling. This is the "Water Bend" from their Block Collection. Not sure how the wines are handled, but they are different bottlings.


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lacotomo wrote:So, buttery?

First Sucker:

Last Wooter to Woot:

Hit all the right notes for me:
Full Bodied
crème brulee
toasty vanilla (I don't mind some oak)
lemon meringue

Had to pull the trigger. I enjoy complex Chardonnays, and this seems to fit the bill.


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"You geyser gonna love this."

...or not.


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looks like I have time for a nap, this is a slow mover