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Krave Jerky Sampler (10)

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Not your father's jerky...this stuff is absurdly good!


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Krave Jerky Sampler 10-Pack
$24.99 $̶4̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 38% off List Price

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the guy who makes this was on Adam Carolla's podcast today... sounded like a good guy, sounds like a quality product....


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only 15oz. gmo soy?


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Bought on 3/20 during woot off and it still hasn't been shipped as of today 4/2.


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Why do you use corn syrup an artificial sweetener and not real sugar in your product?



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This stuff finally wandered its way to my house this week. I've got to say, I'm glad I forgot I bought it and wasn't anticipating it coming. So far I've had the pork teriyaki and the lime chili beef. The pork teriyaki is sweet to the point of being off putting. Kind of like a sugar glazed meat product. I can just see a frosting water fall salvaged from an out of business Krispsy Kreme pouring this glaze onto slabs of pork. As for the lime chili beef the upside is the chili cut the stickiness of the teriyaki from the roof of my mouth. Down side is I can't really taste anything else of the "Natural Beef"*
* minimally processed
As it says on the package.