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True Fabrications Tabletop Decanter

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True Fabrications Tabletop Decanter
$18.99 $̶2̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ 37% off List Price

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I've been giving them away as gifts, need to stock back up. In for 3

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Saw the thumbnail quick and thought this was a klein bottle. Was disappointed when I clicked through and discovered this decanter existed in orientable space and had finite surface area.


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cmaldoon wrote:I've been giving them away as gifts, need to stock back up. In for 3

How are they to use? Not the decanter to use for massive aeration, but for getting rid of sediment plus slow aeration its shape looks good.

Edit: I like how you think, so I got two.

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This thing looks very durable compared to my paper-thin Riedel.


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I bought a couple quite a while back. They are thick and durable and fine for everyday use. The only problem I have is the top edge is not polished and is very rough. It also will easily chip and flake if bumped.


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I saw one of these (or a similar thumb-grip decanter) at the Santa Barbara Winery. I was wondering where I could get one, now I know! Thanks, woot!

It looks very modern and cool, though the person holding it mentioned that all the volunteers worry about breaking it, presumably because it feels somewhat unnatural and less secure to hold it with the thumb-grip. I suppose you could hold it by the neck as you would a conventional decanter, but then what would be the point of having a decanter with a thumb-grip in the first place?!

Besides, those fussy among us may prefer not to put fingerprints on the neck of a decanter and rather to hide their finger smudges on the base and in the thumb grip, maybe?