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Kaleidos Paso/Rhone Red Blend (3)

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Kaleidos 2006 Paso Robles/Rhone Red Blend 3-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶0̶9̶.̶2̶0̶ 45% off List Price
2006 Morpheus GSM Blend
2006 Osiris GSM Blend
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Half of my locker is full of Rhone blends and Syrah from Paso. Bring me some good malbec or cab blend.


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I almost bought this just when I saw "Morpheus" on the label - could come in handy for folks that want wine with their Matrix.

loveladyelectric wrote:Half of my locker is full of Rhone blends and Syrah from Paso. Bring me some good malbec or cab blend.

I have no locker...but my stash is full of Rhone blends.


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Love GSMs, they never last long at this house ... Bring 'em on.


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Haven't tried the Osiris but the Morpheus was fantastic. Give it some time though... When we first opened it, the taste was bitter and well.. not good at all. We put it aside and cracked another bottle. After dinner (and the other bottle) I had another glass and it was awesome. Not too fruity with hints of pencil lead and wood. A bit of mineral going on.

So long story short: decant this sucker and you'll really enjoy it.

Please note I'm not a pro wine taster.


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Love me some GSM

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The ABV on my bottle of 2005 was not as listed on woot. Any insight on this? Anyone else have that problem?

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