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Gourmet Nut Natural Energy Mix (6)

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Gourmet Nut Natural Energy Mix 6-Pack
$23.99 $̶3̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 20% off List Price
Gourmet on the Go Cranberry Crunch, 8 oz. 2-Pack
Gourmet on the Go Nature’s Mix, 8 oz. 2-Pack
Gourmet on the Go High Energy Mix, 8 oz. 2-Pack

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The Cranberry Crunch is listed as trans fat free but then has 7 grams (per serving!!) in the specs. Somehow that doesn't add up...


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Not much of a bargain. Works out to $4 a bag (plus shipping if applicable).


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I haven't tried this set, but I have the "Feel Good" set on my desk. It includes a Feel Good Mix, Antioxidant Mix, and Protein Mix. It's yummy. If I wasn't pretty well set on this stuff already I'd go for it.


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fogtower wrote:Really?

Yeah, I gotcha -- ya know what the worst part is? woot! used to be ingredient conscious due to numerous health concerns of the company, but now that Dr. A. M. Zon has been providing a prognosis for company health, they have now reverted to a more profitable and preservative-oriented culture of sulphur dioxides (see list of ingredients for "Gourmet On the Go High Energy Mix" etc.). Have fun with that, boys and girls... Really, in the end, they just want you to "Feel Good" about it all... .

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simplydumpling wrote:The Cranberry Crunch is listed as trans fat free but then has 7 grams (per serving!!) in the specs. Somehow that doesn't add up...

I think that's a fluke. Unless cranberries have massive amounts of trans fat, there's no way it has 7g of trans fat. Check the ingredients. Still not that great of a deal though.


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Yikes! With shipping it's almost $10 a pound for fruit and nut trail mix. I don't pay that much per pound for meat! And it's just trail mix, which is as common as dirt.