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In for one. Got a bottle of this as part of the vertical from a few months back, ended up liking it a bunch. Here's my note on it:


Excellent wine; was worried initially after reading about some horrible bottles, but this was really good.

Color: Medium-to-light red, with substantial brick on the edges. About what one would expect from an aged cab. Medium legs.
Nose: Berries, prunes, some spice. Tons of fruit relative to its age. A 'wet' nose as well, if that makes any sense (ie no dust or powdered rocks that I often find in other older cabs). A little wood (balsa? cedar?)
Taste: Mellow currants, cherries, blackberries, all muted but present. Nice aged and soft tannins (I imagine they were much more present in this wine's youth). Everything just really balanced.

This is a good wine, and (I imagine) has benefited a great deal from the age. It is unlikely that it will benefit from additional aging, IMO.


In an unrelated note, I see that I missed a Vino Noceto offering during this wootoff. Stupid meetings keeping me away from the computer! Sigh. Next time.


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Winedavid39 wrote:more fun to come!

Yay! Looking forward to some fun stuff while I still have shipping!
Thanks WD, you are the best.


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fredrinaldi wrote:I did find a place in West L.A. but its 32 miles round trip, but I'll do anything for my Lady. Picked up 2 cases there 2 weeks ago, Mel & Rose on Melrose....get it?

??? ... a bit too suBtle for me. where i live 32 miles is just around the corner.


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Winedavid39 wrote:more fun to come!

Hoping that means the other vintages will be up again as I missed the '01 previously


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Dang Nab-it !!!! got me

Last Wooter to Woot:


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scott0210 wrote:Could be a personal thing. I didnt like them much either. Im thinking im not a fan of aged wine yet. I just not appreciating that musty smell. I tatsted a 00 corison vs an 07 corison and actually preferred the 07. Might need ssome time and experience to learn more about the aged wines and what to look for. Didnt care much for those 99 terras either. Same musty smell, taste even after an hour.

Aged doesn't bother me too much, generally. I've had several aged cabs and tempranillos in the past. I poured this through the vinturi into a decanter and let it sit for an hour before I even poured a glass. I really think they one was just bad because even after 2-3 hours it wasn't drinkable.


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fredrinaldi wrote:Get ahold of WW customer service they will replace it.

Fiiiiiiiiiiine. Finally did something other than wine about it.

I'm so funny.


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I nabbed this last time it was up on wine and all 3 bottles were terrible.


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Oh, fine. In for one.

Wine Whore
Cellar Tracker


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Winedavid39 wrote:more fun to come!

Woot God or Winedavid:

I need the "something" that I missed that came up a few days ago...

purty pleeezzz


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I bought this the last time it was up. For the right person I think it woild be great. French oak is prevelent. Very dry. A little past it's prime for my taste. I just enjoy a younger, more lively cab than this.


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Winedavid39 wrote:more fun to come!

Please. Please stop.


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Don't! Stop! Don't! Stop! Don't Stop! Don't Stop!


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Fred, sorry I missed you on this one. You've been doing some drinking. I must have 15 of the 97's left. I would agree they may only have two years left in there prime, but that's a long time to drink 15 bottles of wine and they're not yoghurt, they're plenty good after the date on the label. I had an '01 Ardente recently that needed 4 hours to open up. I don't think these are about to go bad.


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just had a glass of 97. glad I got in on this WO.