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Rain Republic Chocolate Mixed 10-Pack

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Rain Republic Chocolate Mixed 10-Pack
$29.99 (Normally $41.10) 27% off List Price
70% El Cadejo Dark Chocolate 2-Pack
41% Antigua Dark Milk infused with Coffee 2-Pack
41% Xocomil Dark Milk Chocolate 2-Pack
70% Mayan Fire Dark Chocolate & Smoky Chile 2-Pack
70% 13 Baktu'n Bold Dark Chocolate & Cardamom 2-Pack

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This stuff is disgusting Ugh !!!!


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I've been quite happy with them, but they tend to be a bit on the thicker side and I prefer a thinner bar unless I'm shaving it.

The chocolate is quite good, but unless I lived someplace without a Trader Joe's or CostPlus or the price was very low I wouldn't bother.


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I got some of the dark on a woot! offer a long time ago. It was great. I'm not into "milk chocolate" though, so I'll pass on this offering. Bring on the DARK stuff! :-)

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Pass. I bought three boxes of the dark chocolate when they had a promo cobanero bar included. I really liked the regular bars and loved the cobanero; it had a really subtle heat that was just amazing. So the next time I saw an offer with "spicy" bars, I went for it. They were terrible, just disgusting, as were the sea salt. It's too bad, since I really liked that first bar. But at these prices, I won't risk it getting another horrible batch of something I'll have to throw out.


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Did I miss the caramels? I just want more caramels.


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It's $29 on their website, too. Where does the "$41 retail price" come from?


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$3 for a 2-ounce chocolate bar is kind of steep.

Why doesn't Woot carry more reasonably-priced treats? I really liked the TooGoodGourmet "Soft & Chewy" Gourmet Cookies I got from Woot back in December -- 6 boxes for $20.


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still waiting on some banana chocolate

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Xocomil and 13Baktun were both very good. Good chocolate and just the right amount of heat. Arrived fresh and not melted or frozen.


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If it didn't have soy I would be all over it. It *is* possible to make chocolate without soy. Make it so.