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One Vine 2007 Wanderlust White (5)

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One Vine 2007 Wanderlust White - 5 pack
$68.99 (Normally $144.83) 52% off List Price
5 2007 Wanderlust White Blend

CT link above

Winery website

"There are more old wine drinkers than old doCTors." -François Rabelais


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It's 7 degrees outside in CT.

Please, no more whites.

Is it broke or just fractured?


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rlmanzo wrote:It's 7 degrees outside in CT.

Please, no more whites.



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I'm in California. Yum, whites!


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"Interesting" isn't usually the most comforting descriptor for a wine.

Anyone have anything more enlightening to say about this one?


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rugrats2001 wrote:Ditto!

Haha! You could move to south Florida! Then again...I HAVE to have an electric wine cellar.


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I would be interested to know how much residual sugar is in this wine. It does sound like it could be good, but CA Viogner can be hit or miss.


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Clash of the Wanderlust Whites!