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Eastburn Vineyards Oregon Pinot Noir (4)

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3 years ago
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Bottom 9% of Wine Woots
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Eastburn Vineyards Oregon 2007 Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $152.60) 48% off List Price
2007 Eastburn Vineyards Estate Single Block Pinot Noir, Chehalem Mountains
2007 Eastburn Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir, Chehalem Mountains
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Either the percentage is off or there are a lot of these. Only one purchase and it's still at 99%.


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Looks like this could be an all-nighter. Plenty of tasting notes can be found by clicking the previous offer link in Cesare's post above.

Sounds like a good solid representation of Willamette Pinot. I'd be interested in this offer myself but Ohio isn't included.


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Comparison with the
2007 Expression Pinot Noir 44° Roserock ?


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Another stall wall

Neal K Bharadwaj


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nealkb wrote:Another stall wall

It has dropped from 87% to 70% without any additional purchases after the first 2 so at least it's grinding down... slowly but surely.

EDIT: and now 60% with an additional purchase, thank you gdavidhughes!


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Gold Medal winner ... http://www.vinochallenge.com/nwsummit/Medals.htm
... but then - what good is a Gold medal when there are sooooooo many winners?