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Let The People Decide Red Blend (4)

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Let The People Decide Conservative Red Blend 4-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $119.55) 46% off List Price
2009 Conservative Red Blend

-il Cesare
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interesting - same guys that do the "One Vine - Secret" branded wine we saw earlier

I love a good Spanish Tempranillo (this one is 90% Tempranillo) and Tempranillo and Garnacha/Grenache is a good combination... but I am still spoiled from living in Europe where a decent bottle of Tempranillo can be bought for $10. So, >$16 for a completely unspecific 90% Tempranillo/10% Garnacha blend does not have me convinced without tasting it Dear Princess Celestia…

@Woot: Also the lack of information is not very convincing. I am sure you must have data points that confirm that the more information you provide about a wine, the more confidence customers have and will buy it.


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Worst wine woot off ever

Neal K Bharadwaj


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nealkb wrote:Wwwoe
Worst wine woot off ever

Winemaker had a $120 for a case (+shipping) of random reds around the holidays... - at $10 a bottle I might have felt tempted.

The auto-magic inventory reduction for woot-offs that do not sell seems to have started already though.