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Bamboo Personal Serving Trays

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Bamboo Personal Serving Trays, Set of 4
$24.99 (Normally $39.99) 38% off List Price

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that's it for today's woot-off, I guess


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Someone had to conceive of this thing, design it, get it manufactured and then try to sell it.

Amazing... Now it's up to YOU to help that person out by BUYING this contraption!


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Seem really small to me


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augipitcher3 wrote:Seem really small to me

I think it'd be more for snacks than a full meal. Think cheese and crackers.


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would buy at 12.99 or so


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Love the idea!


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mudman2007 wrote:1082 bot posts,like a single fug is given to any of ur posts

I give one fug for his CT links. Saves me 1 minute. 1 minute of my time = 1 fug (just ask my girlfiend.)


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tedcera wrote:Love the idea!

Is that round opening on the end of the tray called a "glory hole"?