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dopalgangr wrote:Any recommendations? I only have less then 15 bottles on hand at any given time and I'm the only one in the house that drinks the stuff so it lasts a while.

Do you have access to a basement? I live in a suburb of Chicago and can keep my wine at a constant 60 degrees in the basement. In the winter, I open one of the small windows and shut all the heating vents. In the summer, I close the window and open the vents so the air conditioner circulates downstairs. The most important part about keeping wines is having one consistent temperature that falls between 55-65 degrees. Lucas Meeker from Meeker Vineyards has a great writeup online:

In what temperature range should red wine be stored?

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While we don't really make this wine for aging I would expect the acidity to help ageability. Our 07 is still drinking nicely for instance.

dopalgangr wrote:So Brian, since I dont really drink wine every day and this is a table wine, what would you say was the shelf life of the wine (if I stored it properly). Thanks


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I'm hoping to see some more posts by the Austin folks. Hint hint.

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ThunderThighs wrote:I'm hoping to see some more posts by the Austin folks. Hint hint.

Hey, I'm still recovering

On my personal 10 point rating scale, I gave this wine a 7/10, and noted that I definitely liked it. $12.50 a bottle for a 7/10 is a very decent price IMHO.

Trying this wine reminded me that I should start drinking more Sangiovese. This is very fresh fruit, cherry oriented wine with a hint of underlying spice. I'm no Italian wine expert, but my experience from drinking wine in Italy was that the wines there tended to be a bit grittier/earthier than this blend, but this style is definitely more my speed.

I can't be certain, but I do think this bottle was drained at a faster rate than most of the others at the WW tasting.

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Thanks, Brian, for trying to get thIngs going in VA. I would love to see your offerings on the shelves out here since I can no longer Woot your wines!!


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dopalgangr wrote:I too bought into the 06 White Oaks, I'm new to wine and have been storing at 73F. Do you think its ruined? What is the drinkability range on this stuff? Thanks

It's fine, most people store wine at room temperature. Optimal temps are more about long term/bulk storage; is it ideal? No, but if you're planning on drinking the wine within the next year it'll be plenty fine...