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wow 2 days in a row, non wine tomorrow, maybe salted caramels ?? for three days in a row?


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Wow. All gone. Teach me to go to work before ordering.


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I missed the 2005 but got three of the 2004. I missed the previous two offerings but another offering was 2006 Kelly Cab Chaulk Hill and 2004 Kelly Cab Mendocino County. They were excellant, how would the current 2004's compare to the two Kelly's?


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Any chance we will get to see that Pink Elephant again in the future? That is the only rose I have ever enjoyed...

It's great to be a Florida Gator!


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Nice job on the two sellouts in a row. I was all filled up on cab. so I had to avoid this one despite all your wonderful comments.



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Just in case someone may still have this thread loaded...

Revisit today's offer for a second from Lucas.