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So, when I got home from work the other day, there were 3 big boxes by my door. I couldn't remember buying anything (specifically that would be shipped in 3 bigger boxes). It had my name on it, and not my wife's, so I wondered even more. Opening up I saw something that made me almost as exciting as opening a Bring Out Cadence. After opening all 3 boxes, this is what I got!!1572&authkey=!AMjzSkgjBsE5WY0

Couldn't get the [img] tag to work...

I'm sure you all watch The Big Bang Theory. Over the summer, there was a contest for the new Big Bang Theory Trivia game for a "Fan Edition." Being the nerd I am, I submitted over 100 questions. 18 of the questions were chosen, so they sent me a few copies of the game and some shirts!!!

Figured a few of you may have submitted your own questions, and/or would like to have seen this! #BAZINGA!


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That is AWESOME! I love BBT! Congrats on the haul!

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LOL, I was looking at the shirts and knocked on my kitchen table three times and said Penny. 3 times of course.

Now Rusty thinks someone is at the door and is barking!

Maybe I am Sheldon. (minus the brain)
I stopped wearing my woot shirts all winter when I realized I was dressing like him.
Oh, and the age and the fact I'm female.

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