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Rack & Riddle Sparkling New Year's (4)

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Happy New Year!

Rack & Riddle Sparkling New Year's 4-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $105.55) 38% off List Price
NV Sonoma County Blanc de Noirs
NV North Coast Sparkling Rosé
NV North Coast Brut
NV North Coast Blanc de Blancs
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-il Cesare
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Happy New Year

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Guest Blogger

Happy New Year everyone !

How about a free wine.woot sticker? Just an SASE required.


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Winedavid39 wrote:Happy New Year everyone !

and to everyone at woot!!


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Right back at'cha !


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ThunderThighs wrote:Happy New Year

Back at you et al!


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I just drank one of these tonight (Happy New Year). It's the third of the quartet I bought on the last offering. (Haven't sampled the rose yet.) They're quite good. Pretty nice mousse; no off flavors; a bit o yeast; dry. I have a problem with sparkling whites: I have good taste, but not a lot of money. Thus I often drink things that I find inferior. Though this stuff isn't Veuve Clicquot, it's well beyond merely drinkable. I enjoyed it, and I'm buying it again.


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I have had all of these except the rose and they were great, especially at the price point! Easy to drink and good with and without food.


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Happy New Year! I'm hungover.

"I double the doctor's recommendation of a glass and a half of wine a day and even treble it with a friend."
- Thomas Jefferson (CT)


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To all my Wine.Woot friends,

I hope the new year brings Blessings, Peace, Harmony, and Joy to you and yours.

Now someone hand me a drink, Dammit!!

Someone has to put WD's kids thru college, but why does it have to be me!
*This post is for purposes of enabling only, and does not constitute any promise of helping pay for said enabling. It does indicate willingness to assist in drinking said wine.


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jhkey wrote:Happy New Year! I'm hungover.

+1, +1.

Happy 2013 everyone!

I report to winedavid39...
...I like getting PM's from wannabe rodents...


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I am drinking the blanc de blanc right now and really enjoying it. Very nice bright apple flavor and not too sweet. I love the bubbly, so I am in for another.


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Happy New year ya all


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jhkey wrote:Happy New Year! I'm hungover.

Ya need to drink the good stuff, no hangover.