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Fish Hook Bottle Opener

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Fish Hook Bottle Opener - Chrome or Pewter (Randomly Selected)
$12.99 (Normally $26.00) 50% off List Price

-il Cesare
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“In the entire world there are only a few sounds that bring joy to all but the most jaded. One is the murmur of a kitten purring. Another is the thwack of a well-pitched baseball hitting a perfectly swung bat. And the third is the pop of a cork being pulled from a bottle of wine.” —George Taber


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I just wrapped the one I bought last time, for Christmas last night. My brother-in-law the fisherman will love it. It is very cute and sturdy.. glad he doesn't have a dark side or this might end up on a CSI episode

What Contemptible Scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch??


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Bought one on Woot a while back. It looks pretty cool on the counter and works good too! Highly recommend for a Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

Coming to you from the home of the World Champions.


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How does this even work as a wine bottle opener?


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joecooool wrote:How does this even work as a wine bottle opener?

Umm.. It's a bottle opener... Like beer, not wine.

Fat Albert

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meow57 wrote:Umm.. It's a bottle opener... Like beer, not wine.

Someone needs to tell the Wootoff Bot. I was confused too.


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joecooool wrote:How does this even work as a wine bottle opener?

The first picture when you look at the details shows it popping a bottlecap, but I was with you until I saw that image, hoping for some crazy cork-hooking device...


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Woot must have a million of these things in the supply cabinets. They appear at least once during every woot off.


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looks like they're drinking Bud Light Platinum at Woot! HQ

Let's go Duke!


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Did not arrive in time for Christmas. Apparently this bottle opener wanted to see the country. It started in Sacremento on the 12. Made it to Colorado by the 17th and stayed a couple days there. Left the 19th, and got to WV on the 21st. Stayed a few days there too. Today, the 26th, it headed out again...and they say tomorrow, the 27th, we'll see it. Maybe it can be a New Years Eve present?