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The December issue of Sunset has an article titled "Well-crafted Cabs". Since it's the current issue, the article is not up on their web site, yet. To abide by fair use, I'll just quote the opening sentence:

In The Race of the last decade for higher and higher scores from key wine critics - and for more of our dollars for the most popular red in this country - some top Cabernet Sauvignon makers went off the deep end.

The article also notes that Robert Parker has "handed off the baton for tasting California wines." As a result the author (Sara Schneider) is "seeing more bottles showing some restraint."

Corison is described as "From a wine maker who never strayed from elegant restraint."

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That should be an interesting read. I've often wondered why her wines don't seem to score better in at least one of the more popular mags (WS), I wonder if this is why. Although, from what I recall, her newer wines certainly had power and grace, but probably not so in your face as other popular cabs.

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