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Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread

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Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread
$19.99 (Normally $28.00) 29% off List Price
Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread - Original Flavor, 10.5 oz.
Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread - Fennel and Black Pepper, 10.5 oz. Jar

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Holy cats, this stuff is the freaking bomb! I got it a few months ago when they had it on sale. It's delish! You can find recipes online, too.



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Bought these last time. Yum! Very rich, though. I keep them in the freezer since I don't use them very often. Yum!



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So glad I got some this time!


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I liked it, though it's more BBQ than bacon.


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Actually, my reaction to this stuff was ick. And the recipes the company offers are disappointing and few.


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Dangit, if I didn't have to watch my sodium I'd be all over this.


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Finally a sure fire way to turn my husband on!


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So glad to see this I wasted no time clicking through. The last two wootoffs, once it showed up in the wee hours and once there was exactly one unit to sell. I can't at all taste bacon in it, but I don't care -- it's great and goes on almost every sandwich I make.