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Emblem Monterey Sweet White Wine (4)

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Anyone tried this? Seems kinda tempting, even if you're not huge on whites...


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I don't understand why this can't be shipped to AZ. I belong to a wine of the month club out of Napa and have no issues with delivery.


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Emblem Monterey Sweet White Wine (4)

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It's posted somewhere on here and has been covered in great detail in pretty much every other deal discussion, but basically the winery has to apply for licenses to ship to most states. Just because you can get wine from one shipped to you doesn't mean another can.


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I bought this last time. It is a very drinkable sweet table white. Nothing very notable stands out in my head, but I do remember thinking it would perfect for the a mixed party of white wine and "non-wine" drinkers since it is on the sweet side.

I am considering picking up more. Sorry, I am not sure if that is helpful. I do not have formal notes.


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Is it supposed to be slightly carbonated?