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Rack & Riddle Sparkling (4)

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Rack & Riddle Sparkling 4-Pack
$64.99 $105.55 38% off List Price
NV Sonoma County Blanc de Noirs
NV North Coast Sparkling Rosé
NV North Coast Brut
NV North Coast Blanc de Blancs
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Yeesh. Didn't see this coming. Too bad I'll miss the whole thing!

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So ddeuddeg forgot to order this before. I just got it for him & got first sucker!

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Major bummer. Funds do not allow for this, as buying a business causes for a serious budget tie down. After reading other reviews, this selection is spectacular. Maybe soon I can spring for something cool like this. Just have to wait for escrow to close.


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Does Woot do birthday discount codes anymore? Or did that go away when they added free shipping for a day after first purchase?