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rudywang wrote:Hi,

I am a member of the Zin Club of Rombauer.
And if you have had their zin, you know how sweet (and tannic) it tastes.

I am wondering how is your zin compared to Rombauer's, sweetness-wise?


Answering my own question....

Got the Zin and tasted it over the weekend.

There is almost NO sweet taste to it at all!
If the RS were not listed, I would just attribute that minute sweetness of the first sip "fruitiness".

BTW, this Zin's style is completely different from Rombauer's Zin. (Rombauer Zin's "sweet" taste approaches that of a port, in my opinion.)

This Zin actually tasted similar to their Cab.
It is a good Zin and I like it!


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We cracked open our first bottle tonight and let me just say... YUM!

Yes it's definitely fruit forward and there's a hint of sweetness but not at all in a negative way. Highly recommend this and anything else from Jason Stephens!

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This really is delicious. I wish I'd gone in for 3 rather than one. Two of the bottles are already gone.

Please bring this Zin back, Woot!