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I would be able to do a Friday or Sat night in late July or August. Is anyone able to host?


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Okay, I saw Tampa, that's enough for me. Two wine newbies here with a penchant for deep reds. We are in N Tampa near the University, lets get something going.
p.s. WineWoot has a lot of my money - can I get some back???


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Looking for wine enthusiasts in the Tampa Bay area.


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killgory wrote:Looking for wine enthusiasts in the Tampa Bay area.

We've created a new Gatherings tab to facilitate meet ups. Try posting there.

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gregorylane wrote:OK....2 reasons for posting:

1. Who is going to take the lead? Sounds like Orlando is going to be a place that all can "get to"...so, now we need to set things up on cj's woot get together thread.

2. I want to keep this thread up top so it won't fizzle out.

Any natural organizers in the mix? I am soooo un-techie, it would be a bad idea for me to do it...has to be someone that can easily link stuff and maybe even a google doc to set it up. Hotel to find might be a requirement...we like nicer ones, not cheap smokey places...

Any takers?

BTW...late Sept. or early Oct., I'm thinking. Kids in school and no Snow Birds yet...rates should be reasonable.

We will be in Naples from 11/1 through 11/8.

Wine-tasting in 8 words:
Pull lots of corks!
Remember what you taste!


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rpm wrote:We will be in Naples from 11/1 through 11/8.

Maybe this time we can get together!!