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Tracking said mine was expected to arrive on the 19th, but I got it today, the 15th. So, not TOO terrible.

The chocolate is quite good and, as expected, very dark. The boxes are pretty too.


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Mine was scheduled for the 18th, but arrived today. Had some odd condensation (likely from changing weather and the long-ish voyage) on the outside of the box, which was also apparent on some of the wrappers. I'm hoping it hasn't made its way through the foil to the chocolate. I tried one of the bars that had the external condensation, and it seemed alright. So far, I'm happy with the product, but not super thrilled about the shipping conditions.


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Not my favorite shipping experience. Mine arrived in town yesterday (Tuesday the 15th) and is scheduled to arrive on the 17th (Saturday).

Having alcohol delivered is too much of a PITA, and based on this shipping experience, I think I'm also done with wine.woot. But best luck to those involved and continuing to use the service.


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I guess I'm used to slow shipping from wine.woot. I was slightly concerned about the fact that this was being sent stupid post and is chocolate, but it arrived today. No obvious problems with the product, aside from the fact that it's disappearing too quickly into my mouth.

Wow, this chocolate is amazing!

wooters.us - scoring more bags of Koi for you than others.


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Got mine today, figured I would after watching the tracking. Great chocolate but you damn sure aren't going to sit and eat bar after bar.


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Anyone know if this stuff will be sold outside wine.woot anytime soon? It is quite tasty, and I'm hoping to get more when this batch runs out.


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Just got mine and tried a piece. The only other good chocolate I've had was Lindt 70%. This was much smoother. The Lindt had a much more harsh and acidic quality to it, and was also much more bitter. I also noticed that when melted, it didn't have the heavy, sticky mouthfeel that I've noticed with pretty much every other chocolate I've had (I didn't want a glass of milk when I was done...I wanted more!). There's almost a tannin quality to it. Good stuff and I would definitely buy it again for this price. I would prefer to be able to buy less, if only for the fact that I will have a lot of trouble not eating it all in a week.


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better than lindt. this is primo product. 100%. i'm uttery impressed. i knew a guatemalan guy who was kind of a jerk. this makes up for it.


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A guinea pig had commented that this chocolate ran circles around Green & Black 70% and I started salivating on the spot, as G&B is my preferred chocolate at the moment. (Well, actually, Andre's is, but I can't get their stuff very often.)

Alas, this chocolate has a higher melting point than G&B (rather waxy), and flavor is NOT as robust and complex. Even Ghirardelli double chocolate chips (65% or so) are preferable to my palate... we plan on using the rest on strawberries...


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Got my chocolate today. Wow, THIS IS GOOD STUFF! Thanks Woot for another great offering. I have NEVER gone wrong with buying a food item on Woot. (Can't say the same about wine though, plenty of bombs there). Keep it up, Woot!


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This is really quality stuff. Anyone know where to purchase more?


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Hmm... Still yet to receive mine... Hmm....

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Kao1138 wrote:The price per bar comes to $2.499_ before shipping or $2.999_ including shipping which seems steep but as far as I can tell is actually not that bad of a deal for a shipped premium bar of chocolate.

Just one example compare to Lindt, a very well known and regarded brand, which is $3.50 - $8.00 per bar.

You need to learn how to shop. I buy Lindt 90% Cocoa bars (3.5 ounces) on sale for $1.50 at my local Walgreens about once a month.