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Our second bottle (pulled from the cellar by cheron98) will be a 2012 Domaine De La Lyre Cotes du Rhone. And in addition to the port brownies (which smell yummy), we picked up some fresh-made turkey sausage with drunken cranberries from the farmers market yesterday.

And my understanding is that cheron's +1 is likely bringing a Titus Cab.

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cjsiege wrote:I have picked up lovely cupcakes. Will also pick up "real food" as well. Hoping W's will have something inspirational!

Cupcakes, done correctly, are "real food."

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HitAnyKey42 wrote:Since I'm not sure if hershelk or others might see this in time for you to get out a shipment, I have just emailed you the address of the tasting.

did y'all get the package?


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cjsiege wrote:Inspiration found. Tuscan seasoned, roasted cauliflower.

And cupcakes.

Cauliflower is not real food. Cupcakes, as pointed out by D-dog, are real food!

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I forgot all about this. Sadly I will not be able to make it. I hope you all have a great time!



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Winedavid39 wrote:did y'all get the package?

Yup. Thanks. It was enjoyed.



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aranderson wrote:I forgot all about this. Sadly I will not be able to make it. I hope you all have a great time!

Next time. There will be more coming about an event possibly on October 17th.



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Now for the parade of bottles

Wines from Picnic By The Pool 4



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Thanks to Hershel for being outstanding host!
Great time playing in the pool.

WINE.W00T NOV 4, 2012


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Partygoers -- please check the side deals. There is a certain PN up right now.


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We had a great time, and really wish we had made arrangements to take care of our dogs. Then we could have stayed later.

Next time! We will be better prepared.

Andy the Wicked Panda