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Crazy good food, at an amazingly intimate place.

Chef's and service were wonderful.

Wine list - where to start?

M&C Dom P '69
M&C Dom P '90
Shramsburg reserve 2005 x2
Krug NV
Roederer L'Ermitage 2005 mag
Iron Horse Joy mag
Wellington Victory 2005
Wellington Victory 2006
Morris Shiraz Durif sparkling NV
Opus One 2009 (Gift from restaurant!)
Domaine De L'hemniere Touraine 2013
Pillitteri Sparkling Icewine 2003
Raymond-Lafon Suternes 2008

What did I miss??

Andy the Wicked Panda


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it's been a while since this dinner... any thoughts/interest in having a repeat?

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That was some wonderful evening!

Since I just doubled down on the Iron Horse offering, I can't see NOT going to Makoto again.

I'm in!


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Yes. And YES. And yes again.

We actually were thinking about that not long ago.

It was a fantastic evening. So that would be two of us.

Andy the Wicked Panda


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YES!!! I'd love to attend a repeat!!!

Mid-August or later, please!


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I am totally down to goto a wine dinner!


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Let's do it again.