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Dadoboy wrote:Ok.. I pulled the trigger.. but I must ask.. What wine is a good pair with these? I'm new to both wine & good cheeses.

IMHO, Barely Buzzed is terrific with Syrah, Cabs and Zins. It's also nice with a fruit-forward Pinot. One of the many the great things about Barely Buzzed is that it plays well with a wide variety of red wines. It's the kid in the sandbox who plays with everybody. You may also consider a glass of whiskey or a malty beer like a Porter or Stout.

As for SeaHive, I would go with a medium-bodied white wine like a Chardonnay or a nice, crisp Sauv Blanc.

Man... is it 5-o-clock yet? All this wine and cheese talk is making me hungry!



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We buy the Barely Buzzed and the Sea Hive at my restaurant for charcuterie boards - they're both delicious. Don't pass this up.


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I bought some of these cheeses from a local market, and not only did it cost more, it didn't taste as good. Getting these cheeses direct from the dairy at this price is a super deal.

And if you are a coffee drinker, the Barely Buzzed will be a great present to yourself. I could eat the whole thing just for the incredibly delicious rind.


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spikepig wrote:If you don't buy it... You are a FOOL!!! Delicious is an understatement. I have yet to be disappointed by any Beehive cheeses. I will say though that some of them are quite strong (have a bite, from previous comment!)

I'm a FOOL I guess, thanks for pointing that out.


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JOATMON wrote:Noooo!

This is normally an auto buy for me; I was in on the last side deal for all the varieties, and I just started on the last bit.

But I will again be travelling on business, and my fear is that it will show up while I am gone. Yes, I have a UPS store I ship to, but then what? I've used up any goodwill from my friends to pick up for me.


If you're still around I can pick it up for you if you'd like. I don't think you live that far from me. Just let me know if you do order it.


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rjquillin wrote:So get a couple #'s to take to WineSmith later this month.

What an excellent idea. bsevern should do this.


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fredrinaldi wrote:I'm a FOOL I guess, thanks for pointing that out.

Don't worry! It'll come around again!