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this poll is amazing. i used to work at a liquor store and we sold all of these. i don't know if i ever sold a bottle of thunderbird in the 3 years i worked there.


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craig2197 wrote:this poll is amazing. i used to work at a liquor store and we sold all of these. i don't know if i ever sold a bottle of thunderbird in the 3 years i worked there.

As a teenager, I used to go to this little beverage store in a shady part of town and get a bottle of Night Train for me and a bottle of Wild Irish Rose for my g/f. The guy had my name on a list and I would have to park in back of the store. Then he would carry the bag out to the car for me and tell me to open the trunk. After taking a long glance around the area, he would put the bag in the trunk and I'd be on my way. I think I might have gotten Thunderbird once or twice but it was usually Night Train and sometimes my g/f would want a bottle of Canei wine. "Canei? Yes, you can!"

The other alternative was to go down to Cleveland's Little Italy and go behind Roman Gardens restaurant to a little bar called Shorty's where the low-level mafioso types would hang out, playing cards and drinking Black Label beer. You would walk in and wait to be acknowledged which often took 5-10 minutes. A couple times they ignored us completely and we walked out empty-handed. Kind of an awkward situation as the room was all of about 200 sq. ft. so it's not like they didn't see us standing there. When they did acknowledge us, we would get to buy 6-packs of beer from them for about 2x what they would sell for in the store.

Good times, good times.


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Many of you are naming things that are not bum wine. Bum wine has to be fortified, to keep you warm and senseless at night.

There's a great website reviewing bum wines here:

What's the word? Thunderbird!

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7turns wrote:Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck" is not bad.

I've only ever had it as sangria (which seems to be its natural habitat) but, yes, no complaints about it at all.

I honestly didn't know the rest of these fit the legal definition of wine. I just assumed they were "wine products."



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When I was young, it was Annie Greensprings and Boones Farm

Later, it was Riunite Lambrusco (Is that considered a "bum" wine?)

Now, for the cheap stuff, I go to Trader Joes. They really do have some good wines.


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Thunderbird! Do they still make that stuff? I tried it once 55 years ago - yuk.


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I used to get a half gallon of Spanada for about 6 bucks way back when. The thought of it now makes me shudder


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Ahh, Thunderbird. The closest I ever came to that stuff was smelling it, but it brings up a memory from high school.

Back in the '90s, I was hanging out at my buddy's mom's house on senior skip day (which happened about every other week). His mom didn't care if we drank, so three of us went by this bar on the outskirts of town with a drive-thru window that would sell cheap booze to us minors at a steep markup. He and the other guy went in together on what I remember looking like a handle of Thunderbird and a bottle of Hot Damn. We were in my car so that day I wasn't drinking.

Anyway, yeah, they both did Hot Damn shots and chased it with Thunderbird.
Six hours later, my buddy had managed to run over himself in his own truck while trying to start it and the other guy stopped singing "Freebird" at the top of his lungs to laugh at him. We helped him up and he didn't even get hurt; he just dusted himself off and went back to drinking.


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Three buck chuck, yo


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Franzia in a box.


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Red cat! "The official wine of hot tubs"


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Wal Mart's Oak Leaf Pinot Grigio, at $1.69 per bottle, is actually not bad. I've had much worse in fancy hotels, and been charged $12 a glass for that!


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CT notes on Cisco for anyone interested.


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On a hot summer day, I sometimes like an ice cold glass of Arbour Mist. Since its 2.97 a bottle, that must make it a bum wine. Heck I can even pour it over ice and not feel like I'm spoiling it

What Contemptible Scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch??


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Someone else already said it: Carlo Rossi is indeed "bum" wine, however, it truly is the best.


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And what about a jug of Carlo Rossi?


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What, no Viper option?


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bdsmonkey wrote:My ONE experience with Cisco, circa 1986. Drank the bottle went to a club. Last clear memory is searching for the bathroom to throw up. Next clear memory is waking up in the back seat of my friend's car at the end of the night. Only time I've ever had a complete blackout from drinking. Scary stuff; never again! Also, I voted for Boone's; the strawberry one is still wine!

Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill is the best! To me, its more of a wine cooler.


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First bottle of wine for me was Boone's Farm Annie Green Springs. I wasn't even old enough to drive, let alone buy wine. But a bum outside a 7-11 bought it for me. I think I bought 2, one for me and one for him. The viney version of Sprite....
And I may be mis-remembering the name

In inverse and not complete order. Rinfrescante. Pepper Bridge. Saxon Brown. Monkey Prize. Vina Robles. Ty Caton Tytanium (always!). Roshambo. Polyphemus. Donati Family. Poizon. Montinore. Kent Rasumussen. Mumm Napa. Boss Monster. Iron Horse. Albino Rhino. White Zeppelin, Buttonwood Farm, 8-Bit, Ty Caton Racchus, Twas!


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I'm surprised Charles Shaw, Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck" wasn't on there...


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Yea, I had a few dates with Annie Green Springs myself!


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Carlo Rossi! Their Moscato is actually pretty good for as cheap as it is. Plus, the giant bottles work excellent for savings funds if you put your extra change in them.