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Winedavid39 wrote:I've been wringing my hands all day over this.

For now, NY is temporarily off the overall wine.woot state list. I'm all over it like a cheap suit. so stay tuned.

Oh noes! Hope you can sort it out. And if not by the 24th, at least we can help you forget the troubles with a nice glass of wine. As if you don't have enough access to great wine...

I stopped counting bottles. My CT


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bedordb wrote:Can somebody tell me if this is a sweet or bitter red?

It's not sweet like I think you're thinking sweet. And I think your "bitter" refers to tannin. This wine isn't very tannic (bitter) and has quite a bit of fruit.

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Though i paid less for this estate wine the last time it was offered on woot, Ty's estate wine is totally worth the current $24/bottle woot price tag. I think I may need to join their wine club...

Thanks for checking into the forum Ty!

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