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the '10 was WONDERFUL, the '11 made a great gift to the fedex man. I would try the '12, but I will be moving to a non wine woot friendly state in 2 weeks.

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In for a 6 pack. LOVED the 2011 4 pack I got last time.


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Really would like some winemaker comments on the '10 vs. the '12...



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I tried the Crusher for the first time on the recent offering of the three-pack. Started with the Chardonnay, which typically is a rather hard sell for me anyway. I just didn't care for it very much, though I agree that it fared much better at near room temperature than chilled, which I thank the many previous posters for that suggestion. Next popped the mixed bottle, which I enjoyed slightly more, but again, this drinks better at a red wine temp. Now, admittedly, this was my first experience with a Wine Woot shipment during the summer. I was shocked at the nice, roasty temperature of the bottles when they arrived. Lesson learned to either pay more for the expedited ship, or have this sent to a Fex Ex center and pickup there. Although, given my nearest center for pickup is about 25 miles away, it would have to be a very, very sweet Woot for me to pull the plunger again during the summer months.
Again, just new to this whole thing, but hoping my two cents is at least better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Also, please note that I missed the coveted 2010 offering, as well as the 2011, so this is my virgin expedition into Crusher territory.

Cheers all!

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With regard to shipping and bottle temps for bottles that are being "found": I don't think they are shipped via "summer shipping."

Thanks for the review barkingkitty.

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If anyone in the Portland area wants to go in on the case deal to get the best price, let me know. I will probably order regardless, but I'm happy to let up to half of it go since I already have half a case (I'd even go a bit further than that, we can talk about it)...


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rjquillin wrote:Gloria,

Can you compare this offering to the initial 2010 we all so much enjoyed? After the '11, I'm a bit hesitant on the '12 here.

I believe the 2010 was made in a very similar way as the 2012s (tank-fermented, pumpovers...) I can also tell you the 2012 fruit was significantly riper than the two previous vintages.