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CAGrl wrote:That's the one I skipped and got chastised by Sparky. It's David Fulton Winery.

Yes! Of course. Thank you.
I remember we saw you walking up the drive, on the other side of the road, as we made disparaging remarks.

[edit] and for this I get a Sparky?



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fredrinaldi wrote:not fair ANOTHER Cab on WTSO,
I need another 100 bottle wine rack

Did you buy it?


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pseudogourmet98 wrote:Did you buy it?

$old out before I got back, most likely a good thing


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rjquillin wrote:Geeze, TastingRoom.
Actually it was more of a bar and four or five stools with equipment all around, but it qualifies just the same.
We went there, purchased, just don't recall who it was.

Sorry, not enough coffee at that point. I was parsing it into separate sections.

As in, Speaking of SH / new item ... not as the winery we went to across the street from SH. Doh!!

As CAGrl said, David Fulton Winery, where they have 100 year old PS vines. And Jana wine too!

Someone has to put WD's kids thru college, but why does it have to be me!
*This post is for purposes of enabling only, and does not constitute any promise of helping pay for said enabling. It does indicate willingness to assist in drinking said wine.


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Fortunately for my WBM, I've been in the air or behind the steering wheel almost all day today, and I'll be in a dinner meeting most of this evening. So no damage to my cc today on any fronts.


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bsevern wrote:I was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately w00t offs have become very formulaic, I guess we have Amazon to thank for that.

I missed the days of old w00t.

Yup, but at the same time, how much wine can a person really buy? I'm happy to be tempted far less than I used to be.

I stopped counting bottles. My CT


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With the "recession" over, I think most reputable labels have moved a great deal of inventory. They're possibly adjusting their production or wary of how much capacity they can reliably store. Less of a need to discount presently.

Also, consider a winery's inventory like a mortgage portfolio, in 2005 they were probably saying, "the more we keep in our library, the more we'll be able to charge down the line [ie, beat costs of storage/inflation/interest]." My guess is that the hit they took will encourage many to hold their juice for even shorter periods of time. YMMV, Just mho.