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burns72 wrote:What? do you think you are shopping at Amazon!

No, just an independent wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon!


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Nooooo sold out nooooo.


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drunkenalien wrote:
Who cut the cheese?

Someone who had previously drank a lot of wine I think ;)

Just received my order and pulled the SeaHive out and thought 'Sigh, there is no way this block of cheese is a pound' (it looks like about 12oz) but then I took out the Barely Buzzed, and someone had more than over compensated, as it must be in the 24-30 ounce range ;)


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Is my cheese going to survive 9 days of shipping? I know it's cold/cooler everywhere else, but it's hot down here in Louisiana.


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I'm in Washington and it's taking 9 days of shipping as well. That's some snail mail shipping.