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JimBob1 wrote:I still enjoy Hamm's, the beer refreshing. Have a few left in the frig, but will soon need to cross several state lines to restock.

This or Red Dog. My grandpa drinks them and he's the consummate badass renaissance man.


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Texas Pride, cheap and not bad!


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Bud in a bottle.


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Milwaukee's Best!


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bkarlan wrote:South Paw Light. Was able to get a pitcher in college for $4.25

South Paw? Pitcher? I see what you did there.


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There seem to have been a plethora of beer questions lately. Is that a foreshadowing of a new site called beer.woot?


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Miller "High" life has the best commercials,


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It's been a long time (as in never) since I've been grouped with the hipsters, but I do enjoy the occasional PBR. Back in the day I also drank the lower level Red White and Blue.

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bigj78 wrote:Old Style - the offical beer of the Chicago Cubs...lol

Oh! and Mickey's Malt liqueur - Did some one say 40!

Both where my college past times

I used to drink old style but the changed the recipe.....it got worse.



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HAMM'SAnd, I'm proud to drink it.


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Natty Bo, and PBR.

Glad someone already mentioned Tecate--I had mostly forgotten that, but it used to be my go-to at Tex-Mex dives.

And always Yuengling, especially the Black and Tan. Even if the beer wasn't good (it is, it is!) I'd be a strong supporter of them for taking on Bud and re-claiming their true historic status.

In inverse and not complete order. Rinfrescante. Pepper Bridge. Saxon Brown. Monkey Prize. Vina Robles. Ty Caton Tytanium (always!). Roshambo. Polyphemus. Donati Family. Poizon. Montinore. Kent Rasumussen. Mumm Napa. Boss Monster. Iron Horse. Albino Rhino. White Zeppelin, Buttonwood Farm, 8-Bit, Ty Caton Racchus, Twas!


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Milwaukee's Best Ice is not bad.


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josial wrote:I grew up in Pittsburgh and agree Yeungling is as good a cheap beer as you can get.

Another vote for Yeungling- by far the best cheap beer around in the US.

Only thing that tops it (and tops it by a mile) is Gambrinus- but you have to be in the Czech Republic for it to be a cheap beer.

chipgreen wrote:How about some Olde Frothingslosh? The self-described "Pale Stale Ale".

That's not supposed to be cheap or good, just fun!


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Genesee Cream Ale


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schrep97 wrote:genny cream ale. hands down best cheap beer out there



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Old Milwaukee. The first beer I could stand to drink. Summer of 1971, Maynard, Mass.


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Henry Weinhards Dark. After years of reflexively drinking Bud and Coors I tried a Weinhard's dark at a party one time, and realized there was a whole 'nother world of beer out there. Going down that path ultimately led me to become the wino that I am today.


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Im from PR and near the college they sell the beer "Presidente" for a quarter...thats what we got shwasted on at University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez


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I enjoy a National Bohemian when the cheap beer mood strikes. Which is to say, often.
Also, Mr. Boh exudes class.


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Yuengling black & tan....because if you get a black & tan at a bar, it's more than twice as much as this one out of a bottle.

10 quality post! Whoo hoo! I'M SOMEBODY!!!


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I bought a home brewing book about 20 years ago, and one of the first things it said was, "There is no such thing as bad beer, but some beer is better than others. The same cannot be said for wine."

I generally believe this statement, and have no problem knocking back a cold American adjunct Lager if the setting is appropriate. For example, I'll have a Negro Modelo or Tecate at a Mexican restaurant that doesn't offer anything tastier as I have never acquired a taste for wine with Mexican food. Having said that, my local Mexican place has Anchor Steam on tap which is an awesome beer with food.


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jamesemunson wrote:HAMM'SAnd, I'm proud to drink it.

When I go back home to Iowa, it's Hamm's and PBR...

Something about going back to the stuff you started with.

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