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Friday, June 14

Shipping of the Summer Wine

by winedavid39

Summertime is a great season for everything except ice skating, building snowmen, and shipping wine. But not here at Wine.Woot. Once again, to keep your wine from boiling over on its way to you, we're implementing our tried and true summer shipping policy. UNlike in years past, we're offering a two-day shipping option for those of you who'd rather pay a little more to get your wine a little sooner. The deets:

  • $7 standard summer shipping per order: we're adding a couple of bucks on to the usual $5 shipping charge, and adding some time into the process. Shipping orders to most of the country in protective refrigerated trucks isn't easy or cheap, or fast for that matter, but it'll be worth it to keep your wine from turning into soup.
  • $10 "two-day" shipping per item: if your time is more valuable than your money, you can pay $10 per item for two-day shipping. By "two-day", we mean two days transit from when your order is shipped, which could generally take up to five days from when you place the order. For instance, we won't ship two-day orders on Thursdays or Fridays. Weekends sitting in a carrier warehouse is just no fun for a wine package. The gist of it is: you should get your "two-day" order within a week from when you place it.

We're confident these measures will win the battle against the forces of heat and spoilage. Order like it's October, y'all! Let us know if you have questions or comments in the forum discussion below.

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Sunday, April 01

The Secret of El Arenque Rojo, Chapter 4: The Fifth World Rises

by Scott Lydon

If you bought our Woot 2012 Calendar, you may have noticed that each month sports a different QR code. And if you've scanned that code, you've gotten a message telling you to wait until the first of the given month to read a new installment in The Secret of El Arenque Rojo. And then you probably wondered what we were talking about. Chapter 1 appeared in January on the Woot blog. Chapter 2 took Roy Odom and his prophetic slapstick quest to Home.Woot. In Chapter 3, Roy met tween cinema prodigy Evelyn Sayre at Kids.Woot. And now, here at Wine.Woot, we present Chapter 4..

Doctor Chamberlin Duke tugged absentmindedly at his goatee as General Duodenum snapped to attention before his men. At the back of the platoon, a private with a non-regulation haircut was hiding a grin. His uniform was a mess and his shirt was untucked. The General did not notice him, nor did he notice the pedal-truck full of pies arriving near the soldier’s mess. Soon, clearly, the mess would be on the officers.

“Do you see, Chamberlin?” young Evelyn Sayre asked from the smartly-professional black-and-wood couch. “Do you see the name of the pie company? Narcissus! Narcissus Bakery.”

“Yes, I do see, indeed. One moment...”

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Saturday, October 01

International Saké Day: Made like a beer and sipped like a wine.

by Alison Smith

My first experience tasting saké was back in my sports marketing days. I was shown how to do a "saké bomb" while hanging out with the Oakland A's baseball team after a game one night at a home tucked in the curvy hills of the East Bay. FUNNO! Fast forward a few years and TexaCali Ali became known as the "Saké Ninja" due to representing a portfolio of family saké breweries from Japan. With some hesitation at first (due to my saké bomb morning-after experience) I fell head over heels in love with Junmai & Ginjo Saké! So to all those who are making the "bitter beer face" about right now, listen up!...

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Saturday, September 24

Priorat, it's the Schist!

by Alison Smith

Si ets Priorati, de les pedres treuras
- "If you are from Priorat, you will extract wine from the stones", or so the saying goes.

Handfuls of rocks filled my pockets, shoes and luggage during a brief 3-day visit to Spain's magnificent Priorat a few years ago. Beyond walking the vineyards, I had the special honor of breaking-bread with the pioneering winemakers and vignerons who lived in the tiny villages of Gratallops, Falset, Porrera, and the even smaller hamlet of Scala Dei that surround the region. I can still hear the kids laughing and playing outside in the middle of the village under the stars at night...

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Thursday, September 15

Everybody's Wine.Wooting For The Weekend: Introducing Weekend Wine.Woot Sales

by Jason Toon

Get ready to get down, 7-day party people! This weekend will be the first weekend of the rest of your lives as Wine.Woot adds Saturday and Sunday sales to its weekly rotation. What does this mean for you, the cut-rate wine connoisseur?

Friday deals will only be available for 24 hours. Tarry no more, Wine.Wooter! You won't have the luxury of taking your time to decide on Friday's deal anymore, because it'll be gone by midnight. Buy or get off the carafe.

Labrats could strike on any day of the week, not just Friday. It's a brave new world for our test subjects, who might be called upon to post their volunteer wine reviews on any day, at any time, in any place. (OK, not really in any place. We just needed a third thing there.)

Your life will be approximately 40% better. With 40% more Wine.Woot deals every week, the math works out.

Remember, the fun starts this very upcoming weekend at the end of this very week. We hope to see everybody at the first-ever Saturday and Sunday deals at Wine.Woot: where every weekend is a lost weekend!

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Wednesday, June 29

Pro-Am Tasting Invitational: Meeker Vineyard 2004 Cabernet Franc

by Jason Toon & Alison Smith

Nothing beats wine advice from an experienced taster. But what if you're just stumbling into the wine game? Wouldn't it help to get a gut-level gut-check from a n00b's gut? That's the thinking behind our new series of Pro-Am Tasting Invitational. This second installment looks at today's Meeker Vineyard 2004 Cabernet Franc 3-Pack. Alison Smith of Wine Country Connect will provide the tasting notes with actual expertise behind them, while Jason Toon will provide the (let's say) outsider perspective. We'll let you decide which one speaks to you...

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Wednesday, June 08

Pro-Am Tasting Invitational: Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

by Jason Toon & Alison Smith

Nothing beats wine advice from an experienced taster. But what if you're just stumbling into the wine game? Wouldn't it help to get a gut-level gut-check from a n00b's gut? That's the thinking behind our new series of Pro-Am Tasting Invitational. Our first subject is today's Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon - 2 Pack. Alison Smith of Wine Country Connect will provide the tasting notes with actual expertise behind them, while Jason Toon will provide the (let's say) outsider perspective. We'll let you decide which one speaks to you.

Part one: Alison "TexaCali Ali" Smith says...

Tonight's Expression 44 tasting was a great excuse to cook a welcome home dinner for my main-squeeze who spent the last few weeks in the Loire Valley & Germany. Riesling is his first love, but you know what they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so tonight's dinner was a bit more fancy than my usual Tuesday-night-after-yoga meal of bird-feed (and wine). Here's how dinner and wine went down tonight in Cali (with the game sounding off in the background of course - GO MAVS!)...

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Thursday, June 02

Someday Your Ship(ment) Will Come In: Summer Shipping Season Starts Now

by Jason Toon

Building contractors and web developers alike are familiar with the Project Triangle: the principle that you can have any two of your three most desired attributes, but probably not all three. A rich, faithful, handsome husband would be terrific. A ballclub made up of experienced, talented, cheap players would come out ahead on the field and on the balance sheet. And who wouldn’t want an affordable, roomy, and fuel-efficient car? Alas, reality usually says we have to sacrifice one of those three aspects to get the other two.

So it is with wine shipping, especially during the hot summer months. It should be obvious where Wine.Woot stands. Low cost and high quality are more important to us than high speed. The way we see it, it doesn’t matter how quickly you get your wine if it’s spoiled from heat exposure by the time it gets there. And who cares about a great wine deal if you have to pay out the nose for shipping?

That’s why the summer shipping charge will be the usual (and extremely low) $7 again this year. We think the $2 bump from the standard shipping charge is a small price to pay to ensure that your producer-direct wine shipment makes it through the heat unscathed. Sure, that cost could double or triple and you’d get your wine sooner. The producer could send it via the cheapest method they could find and hope that the heat doesn’t do any damage. But we think the best combination is the one we’ve favored every summer since 2007 – cheap and good.

You can check out the logistics at that link, if you’re interested in exactly how Wine.Woot pulls off our affordable, high-quality wine shipping. But for most of you, just know that even if your wine order takes a while to arrive, that low shipping charge and careful handling will make your wine worth waiting for.

What do you think? Would you choose a different pair from the wine shipping project triangle (cheap, fast, well-protected)? Let us know in the comments below…

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Thursday, May 19

6022 Miles Apart

by Alison Smith

…is the approximate distance from Paso Robles, California to heart of the Rhône Valley in France.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyards, Spring 2011

Having just spent a week visiting Southern Rhône in March, I was eager to attend the 2011 Hospice du Rhône in Paso Robles the first week weekend in May, hunting for deals to feature on Wine.Woot! The HdR (as we refer to it in the trade) was a world-wide lineup of producers from Spain, Australia, France, and America, of course. An incredible way to taste the world without having to deal with jet-lag. A total treat for me, I chose to spend the first afternoon focusing on producers who opened old & rare bottles. What a wonderful way to taste the age-ablity and quality of a few hundred wines in a few short hours - and yes I now have a few new favorites!

About 1/3 of my personal wine consumption is of Rhône varietals – soo many to explore. Check out this delicious list the fine folks at HdR provided… there will be a quiz tomorrow, class! (NOT.)

  1. Bourboulenc: (Burr-buh-lanc) light bodied, delicate floral, citrus, peach, melon, earth
  2. Camarese: (Cam-are-ess) firm, tannins, delicate aromatics, pepper, spice
  3. Carignane Noir: (Care-ig-non No-our) tannic, solid acidity, good color, cherry, raspberry, pepper
  4. Cinsault Noir: (Sahn-so No-our) elegant, soft & lightly aromatic, strawberry, raspberry, smoke, earth
  5. Clairette Blanc: (Claret Blan) big bodied, floral, aromatic, honeysuckle, tropical flowers, tropical fruits
  6. Clairette Rose: (Clare-et Rose) light aromatics, fruit notes, soft strawberry, cherry, rose petal
  7. Counoise Noir: (Coon-wahz No-our) lively acidity, spice, richness, raspberry, cherry, cranberry
  8. Grenache Blanc: (Gra-nash blan) big bodied, soft, delicate peach, melon, pear
  9. Grenache Gris: (Gra-Nash Gree) full-bodied, light in color, delicate strawberry, cherry, rose petal
  10. Grenache Noir: (Gra-Nash o-our) big bodied, supple, & rich strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, black pepper
  11. Marsanne: (Mar-san) broad palate, soft & rich, peach, nectarine, stone fruits, tuberose, sweet nuts
  12. Mourvèdre: (More-ved) tannic, deeply colored, aromatic, black currant, dark cherries, leather, smoke, earth
  13. Muscardin: (Mus-car-dan) floral, aromatic, firmly structured, rose petal, barnyard, earth
  14. Muscat a Petits Grains: (Mus-cat ah Pet-eet Grahn) elegant, aromatic, floral, musk, honey, honeysuckle, lily, stone fruit
  15. Picpoul Blanc: (Peek-pool Blan) floral, soft, aromatic, pear, earth, lily, daisy, wildflowers
  16. Picpoul Noir: (Peek-pool No-our) floral, elegant, aromatic, rose, violet, dark cherry
  17. Roussanne: (Roo-sahn) firmly structured, powerful, very rich, apricot, honey, almond, nutmeg, honeysuckle, iris
  18. Syrah/Shiraz: (C-rah)/(She-raz) highly colored, firmly structured and aromatic, plum, raspberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, violet, roasted meats, smoke, chocolate, pepper, anise
  19. Terret Noir: (Tare-it No-our) delicate, perfumed, bright acidity, rose petal, lavender, dark berries, spice
  20. Ugni Blanc: (Ewn-yee Blan) delicate fruit, good acidity, pear, honey-dew melon, earth
  21. Vaccarese: (Vac-car-ess) aromatic, firmly tannic, floral, pepper, spice, earth, smoke
  22. Viognier: (Vee-ohn-yea) big bodied, very aromatic, complex apricot, musk, peaches, grapefruit, lychee, papaya, mango, tropical flowers

Download the free and AWESOME HdR iPhone App for this list and more at your fingertips.

The Cellars of Chateau de Beaucastel (owned by the Perrin Family who also have Tablas Creek Vineyards in Paso Robles)

We see a smattering of offers on Wine.Woot! of a handful of Rhône varietals, such as the Davis Family Vineyards "Cote Rose" Syrah/Viogner blend, the Mathis Grenache, Pear Valley Vineyards Syrah, and of course Peter Wellington's Marsanne & Roussanne offering... so get ready to learn and taste some lesser known grapes coming your way soon! I’m keeping the list of my favorite producers to myself for now… see you on the boards.

Cheers -
TexaCali Ali

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