Zahtila Vineyards Mixed Red

by wootbot

Zahtila the Hun

This wine is so good it's barbaric. We know that doesn't make any sense. Just go with it.

Fearless is this Cabernet. It takes no prisoners. It'll plunder your next dinner party without apologies, trampling canapés and smashing 100% French oak barrels over the heads of your guests, figuratively of course. Before you even have time to register it, this ruthless conqueror is belting out its battle cry, "CHERRRRYYYY!" and leaving you in a wake of sweet vanilla.

And just when you think you can take no more, the Zinfandel sweeps in like an angel of mercy. But do not be fooled. At first it may appear soft and supple with reserved tannin. Be wary, however, for bramble is a cunning spice. And this wine doth have the bramble! So much bramble, in fact, that women cry and small children … oh forget it. We can't keep this up.

The only thing scary about this wine is how good it is. You should buy some. Thank you for your time.