Woot Cellars Tøøthstejnn + Gift Bags (4)

by wootbot

You Can Handle The Tøøth

No, you're not seeing things. Out of our desperate attempt to be rich love for giving you options, we've added a little something extra for today. Come on in and check it out!

Pour a glass of adventure! And wine!

Gather round the tabletop, heroes, for Tøøthstejnn the Red is abroad in the land! When the feared Northman bellies up to the bar at the Grimy Wyvern Wine-Hall, he's sure to encounter a twenty-sided world of danger, daring, and bergamot and strawberry notes!

Of course, this latest Woot Cellars release is also perfect for those of you who don't get these dumb role-playing-game jokes, too.