Woot Cellars Triacipedis White III (5)

by wootbot

Have To Believe We Are Magic

Lord of the Rings viewing party? Harry Potter lit crit? Magic: The Gathering night? This wine is perfect for all those... AND MORE!

In case you haven't done the math, here it is: someone who is old enough to drink right now was born on or before this date in- 1992. That means they were pre-teen when they watched Lord of the Rings, and they essentially grew up steeped in Harry Potter. Is it any wonder that "nerd chic" became mainstream? Not since Led Zeppelin and David Bowie have so many people dreamed of being a wizard!

So please consider our wizard buddy, Triacipedis, as the perfect gift to those of legal age. No longer will someone scoff and say OI WHY IS THERE A WIZARD THERE MATE like in the days of "Aussie Fever" back in the late 80s. Remember that? How did that even happen? That's the sort of thing wizards are supposed to protect us from, right?

Citrus blossoms, wild flowers, stone fruits and green apples all will mix like D&D and pizza. Perfect, yet complex. Oh, come on, haven't you ever rolled dice while holding a slice of pizza? You know how hard that can be. And yet, oh so rewarding. Just like the crisp finish.

In short, don't be afraid of our wine wizard just because you're old enough to have gotten a wedgie from a jock. Today, the jocks are hanging out in Warcraft, not the local hamburger joint. Time as moved on, we're all adults now, and wizards are most certainly cool.