Woot Cellars Phat Goose (5) w/ Gift Bags

by wootbot

Fly As In Soar, Not Fly As In Beautiful

We could make a joke about this G being from the streets but then you'd never respect us again, so instead we'll just say that Phat Goose is a good holiday gift. Fair enough?

Maybe there was a time when we could say "Yo, this Goose is dizzle-ope!" and get away with it, but those days ended when we left college. Probably before we left college, but we were young and stupid, so we never noticed. And today, we're grown men and women. And we know that talking like "the kids" is a very bad idea.

So we're not going to phocus on the label of this Phat Goose- GET IT? BECAUSE OF all right, see, that's the very thing we were trying to avoid. "Phat Goose" is clever and amusing, but us talking about Phat Goose? Super lame. Super DUPER lame.

So, instead, we'll focus on how this 5-pack comes with four Wine.Woot Gift Bags. We'll focus on how this vintage was specially made for Wine.Woot with a mix of Grenache and Syrah and Mourvedre. We'll focus on the berry and spice and structure and resist the temptation to make a joke about The Fat Boys. Remember them? The Fat Boys? They were fat, but they rapped about it! And, truthfully, they weren't even that fat by today's standards. Really, go check out their first record, they were like a Wal-Mart small.

We'll make you a deal: buy this Phat Goose holiday pack, and we'll never make a joke that involves the words "cheddar" or "Benjamins." Not even once. Okay? Okay.