Woot Cellars Mixed Case (12)

by wootbot

We Wish You An Efficiently Executed Christmas

Forgot a gift for that special someone-you-should-begrudgingly-buy-a-gift-for? We've got you covered.

Maybe once upon a time, the holidays were a break from the frantic scramble of everyday life, a time for relaxed communion with those closest to us and quiet reflection on life’s joys and tribulations. Well, those days are over. The Christmas season nowadays is more like a sophisticated military operation. All presents must be bought, all dishes must be prepared, and all relatives must be visited according to a tightly-coordinated schedule, with logistical complexities that make actual war look like the card game War.

But what happens when the holiday surprises aren’t all wrapped in pretty paper? “Oh, uh, hi, Uncle Larry, I thought you were still living on that cult commune.” Or “Doris, that case of wine was supposed to last us until New Year’s Eve.” Or “Take your shot if you think you’re man enough, Granpapa. But this broken bottle might have something to say about it.” The slightest delay could scuttle your finely-honed plan, so you can’t afford to be unprepared for unexpected contingencies.

Woot Cellars to the rescue! Aromas of mulled strawberries, chalk and earth send a reassuring message that help is on the way. Dark fruits and black pepper roar into action to resolve any situation with extreme yummy prejudice. Berry and spice notes provide covering fire with barrages of festive holiday cheer.

Nothing can ruin a holiday like a sudden outbreak of spontaneity. Get your celebrations back on schedule with a Woot Cellars Mixed Case. Santa Claus doesn’t have the luxury of dilly-dallying, and neither do you.