Woot Cellars 2009 Blitzen - 6 Pack

by Wootbot

A Christmas Tradition

Hey, come on in! We’re havin’ a little “Christmas Special” in here tonight! Jing-a-jing-jingle!

Me and my pack, we got three hundred and sixty-four days a year to blow off some steam. They say “What stable do you all stay in?” and we answer “Un, baby, un!” Ha ha! No, that’s just a joke, ask at the desk, I’ll see you get a key.

Up on the rooftop, ho ho ho, get a glass, don’t drink it slow! Listen, it takes a lot of work to play piano with these hooves. Baby, I’m an entertainer! These antlers are always rattlin’! And that’s why my parties are the best. Good food, good guests, that great Vixen across the room, and six bottles of my signature 2009 Blitzen from Woot Cellars.

Hey, maybe you’re into Dancers, it ain’t no matter by me! Swing, baby, it’s a party! If you’re my guest, I want you havin’ gun. That’s why each bottle of Blitzen 2009 has that deep nose of brandied cherries, cocoa powder and vanilla. Man, I ain’t seen a nose like that since ol’ Rudy thought he was cuuuude! Ha ha! Dash, you remember that? When was that, ‘68? Wooo, we never let him forget that day! But I’m telling you, stand up fella. Love that guy more than the taste of baked cherry tart with hints of raspberry liqueur.

Hey, don’t act like it’s late. Up here, the nights are six months long, and we’re just getting started! Tell you what, you take these six bottles and start catchin’ up, I’m gonna peek in the sauna, see what Cupid’s up to. When I get back, you better be full of holiday cheer, you get me? Otherwise I’ll break your back, you moog!

2009 Woot Cellars Blitzen

Aromas of brandied cherries, vanilla and cocoa powder.  Sweet entry with flavors of baked cherry tart and raspberry liqueur.  On the palate, lively acidity carries flavors through to the finish.

Rules and restrictions:

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