WineSmith Double Dare Offer (4)

by wootbot


No one knows that delicious four pack WineSmith is secretly mild-mannered writer Clark Smith! Maybe it's the glasses?

When we heard Clark Smith was a writer, we groaned. "He'll want to do everything!" we said, "What if he only wants to write about elves in spaceships?" But it turns out that Clark Smith isn't the sort of guy who cares about spaceship elves. And we assume that means he knows a thing or two about wine.

Check this out, by way of example:

I DARE you to try my 2003 Chardonnay, to marvel at its straw-green tint and fresh lemon blossom nose, and wonder if it could possibly only this year have become drinkable. I DOUBLE DARE you then to appreciate the 2004 vintage (name changed to “Faux Chablis”) and note that it is still too steely and unbloomed to enjoy as you will years hence. To facilitate this double dare, I have cut the $30 retail price exactly in half.

Succinct, right? And not a SINGLE crazy word like "Smalgframablan the Crusher" or "Ion Genesis Port Gemini." THAT is a fella who knows how to use the words that exist, and THAT is the greatest type of writing that exists. And everybody knows that he who masters words masters wine.

So take a chance and enjoy the two pack of 2003 Chardonnay and two pack of 2004 Faux Chablis that Clark Smith has brought us. Perhaps it'll be like guzzling a poem, or drinking a thrilling novel. Or maybe it'll just be really good wine.