Wine Check and Wine Diaper Travel Kit

by wootbot


Talk about a security blanket!

When you’re traveling, it’s important to make sure everything you might possibly want to keep is locked away where people can’t find it. Burglars, scoundrels, the TSA, they all want what you’ve got, and if they get their hands on your wine, they’ll be the ones raising a glass. Why should some other jerkface enjoy the bottle you’ve chosen? You’re the only jerkface that deserves to pull that cork! And that’s why this Wine Check & Wine Diaper travel kit will come in handy.

Your Wine Check will keep up to 12 bottles of sweet, nourishing vino safe when you travel. No more shipping your precious ambrosia! EAT DIRT, FEDERALES!

The Wine Diaper offers an extra layer of soft protection for your wine, making it harder for damages from bumps, jostles and full out karate kicks* to damage your wine. Naturally, it doesn’t make your bottle indestructible, but in a pinch, it might help. Just keep in mind, they’re not for use on babies.

And anyway, if your baby’s leaking wine, maybe you should call a priest. Miracles are their job. We just handle wine.


*We’re just kidding about the karate kicks. Sorry.