White Flowers Sparkling (6)

by wootbot


White Flowers for Algernon

Must choose a wine. Want a Riesling. White Flowers, for sure. Can’t decide which. Can’t… choose. Causing… schism.

Left brain says: Logically, the obvious choice is the Sparkling Riesling. 2009 Sommelier Challenge Silver Medal indicated proven excellence. Selenium Vineyard’s superior elevation, north of Washington’s Yakima River is objectively superior growing environment. Elevation and humidity both ideal. All available data indicates a technically proficient and top quality product.

Right brain says: Oh, how the Sweet Sparklin Riesling sings to me! I dream of it, in between days of dancing in the sun and fingerpanting. I know nothing of what it contains, but it whispers in my ears of fruity aromas and spectacular vistas not yet explored. It calls to my romantic spirit, as I lust to experience the unkown, that ultimate expression of humanity.

Left brain says: Don’t be ludicrous. Making this decision on impulse and philosophy is categorically unwise and statistically improbable to yield positive results, as evidence by previous hunches leading to, in order of ascending emotional trauma, the hypothermia skinny dipping incident, the seven pound cheese log and consequent bathroom quarantine, and the Tiffany experience.

Right Brain: Who cares for the wounds of the past, when I am ever dancing towards the future. This wine will, maybe, remind me of the sweetest summers and the savory splendor of the cheeselog’s admittedly blasphemous culinary construction. Moreoever, it shall be yet another corner of the cosmos for me to investigate, to breathe deep of, to taste with not only my tongue but my heart!

Wine.Woot says: chill out, bro. You’re gonna give yourself an aneurysm. Just get both. I’ll even get you a deal, just… just chill out, ok?