Wellington Sonoma Valley Chardonnay (6)

by wootbot

Truth Serum


"In Vino Veritas," they say. And that's why we've got MORE brutal truths to get off our chests.

Truth #1: I forged the dry cleaning ticket. - DC

Truth #2: I bought that law degree off of eBay. - OB

Truth #3: I was the one wearing that bear suit. - MW

Truth #4: I was hiding behind a big basket at Pottery Barn. - FD

Truth #5: That wasn’t a tomato. - AC

Truth #6: In reality, I actually know a whole lot about taxidermy. - BB

Truth #7: One time I threw up in a big basket at Pottery Barn. - DC

Truth #8: I love standing near people in elevators. - MW

Truth #9: I didn’t realize it was supposed to be a pet. - LN

Truth #10: I’m having a relationship with a big basket at Pottery Barn. - FD