Wellington Sonoma Mountain Cabernet (3)

by wootbot

Lomax Me No Questions

Look, rock candy is wonderful and all, but you're an adult now. You need an entirely different mountain to dream about.

In the Big Cabernet Mountain
There's leather and there's sage
Into your nose
those scents all float
And makes you move your legs

Towards the Big Cabernet Mountain
you can smell brown sugar there
And caramel too
With a cherry hue
The overall feel is supple and smooth
At the Big Cabernet Mountain

At the Big Cabernet Mountain
the pipe tobacco's faint
the 3-pack's '07 and
there's never a complaint

There's a flavor of tart cherries
A finish clean and grand
Goes good with food
And also fun
It's made by Peter Wellington
at the Big Cabernet Mountain

Just remember, please, that you must order now. There's this woman coming around the mountain, and when SHE comes, she's going to be buying it all up.