Wellington Fall Case Part II (12)

by wootbot

Take Two!

Oh, Peter Wellington, you SCAMP! You saw we needed you, and you saved the day.

Not many winemakers would ride in on a white horse and wave their magic sword in the air. But as soon as Peter Wellington saw we were in trouble, he appeared! Clad in glittering armor, he decreed "JUST BECAUSE WE RAN LOW ON THE 2007 CAB DOESN'T MEAN MY GLORY HAS TO END!" and poof! We were holding the same pack, but with a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon instead!

What other winemaker would be so prepared? Face facts, latecomers: you'll be getting almost exactly the same wines as we had this morning, but with one small difference: there's now a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon in the mix. Go on, peek at the features. Compare them. You'll see they're pretty much the same as before (except for that Cab, of course!) And if you're anything like us, this will only make you even happier.

Why? Dudes! You got to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, take a long bath, read a novel, and you STILL get a case of Peter Wellington wine! Nothing against you early risers, of course, you guys got a sweet deal too. But isn't it great to have one day when EVERYONE gets a little P-Well? Can we call you P-Well, Peter? Oh, what's that? "Under no circumstances should you ever do that again?" Okay, fair enough. Sorry.