Walnut City WineWorks Oregon Pinot (5)

by wootbot

Home Is Where You Find It

The right taste, the right smell, and you're back where you began. That's what a five pack can do. Create a new memory now, and bring you back to it later.

Everybody's heart has a home. Maybe it's not where they live, but it's where they want to be most of all. For a squirrel like me, that place is Walnut City. I'm not there now, but when I open this wine (with much struggle because of my tiny paws) it all rushes back to me in an instant.

When I lived in Walnut City, it was in a tree outside this little flower shop. Each morning, I'd wake up early to the smells of purple flowers, dried herbs, maybe some wet earth and a hint of red fruit and rhubarb. That's what I relive when I open a 2010 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday, even still. I'd wake up early, run across the power lines, dodge a few pigeons and check for muffin crumbs outside the little Italian coffee shop. Sometimes I'd leap into the corner fish monger's stall, and steal halibut or salmon. Strangely, this Pinot also pairs well with the same fish, and chicken or pork besides. It's like it was made for me!

Yes, in my heart, I never left Walnut City. And this five pack of wine takes me back there, again and again. But you know, even though I was there for years, I never once ate a walnut! Really, they're more there for the tourists anyway. REAL Walnut Cityers would never be caught dead with one.