VNorte Reserve Chilean Cab Sauvignon (5)

by wootbot

Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé

The perfect wine for watching some soccer and Chile-axin'.

"True world-class," praises SB Nation. "This year's dark horse," proclaims the Daily Mirror. "A delight," raves ESPN.

No, they don't mean this VNorte Reserve Chilean Cabernet. They're talking about the Chile soccer team, everybody's favorite pick for surprise World Cup glory despite being in the same group as the two giants that played in the final four years ago, Spain and the Netherlands.

If Chile does manage to march to glory deep into the tournament, or even win it all, you just might get this intense, aromatic red in time to raise a glass to la Roja. But even if the soccer team doesn't win the World Cup, this Chilean squad is a guaranteed dark horse champion in your cup.