Vinum Cellars Chenin Blanc/Viognier (6)

by wootbot

What a Great Little Seafood Wine

Hear me, air-breathers! I, King Neptune, proclaim Vinum Chenin Blanc the royal champion of seafood wines!

By my barnacled trident, let it be known to all mud-dwellers that the fruits of my domain shall be enjoyed with this Vinum Cellars Chenin Blanc! From the humble clam to the mighty tuna, this wine's bright, tropical character blends harmoniously with the briny succulence of all water-borne flesh, for a taste sensation truly regal in its exquisiteness!

Let no cioppino stew in solitude! Let no oyster go un-Vinumed! Let no wild Alaskan salmon share gut-space with an inferior wine! Yes, I know many people mistakenly call them "king" salmon! I refuse to lend their specious claim to the throne my royal imprimatur by repeating that misnomer!

Anyway, yeah! I, King Neptune, decree that you shall drink this wine when you eat seafood! And if anybody knows fish, it's me! I married one! That's a whole other thing I don't have time to get into right now! Farewell, surface-crawlers! Mark well my words this day!